Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition with Rotating Game Board

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This Deluxe Scrabble Edition allows you to enjoy Americas Favorite Word Game in style!

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This Deluxe Scrabble Edition allows you to enjoy Americas Favorite Word Game in style! This set features a solid wood cabinet with mahogany finish and built-in lazy susan. The top of the cabinet features a deluxe foil-stamped Scrabble gameboard with raised grid to keep the Scrabble tiles in place when turning the cabinet. Lift the top off of the wood cabinet and you will find individual storage compartments for all of the premium game components. The Scrabble tiles and tile racks are solid wood with a mahogany finish to match the cabinet. These Scrabble tiles are stored in an embroidered fabric pouch with drawstring. The set also includes a hard cover foil-stamped scorebook with a pencil to record the results of your epic word battles. The set is completed by a sand timer with gold toned end caps for optional timing. This deluxe Scrabble set is sure to make a statement whether you are enjoying a challenging round of Scrabble or simply admiring this beautiful set as it sits on your coffee table.


Main features:

  • Stained wooden cabinet with integrated storage – Stained wooden tiles and tile racks
  • Rotating game board with raised grid
  • Gold foil-stamped components
  • Deluxe score book with pencil
  • Timer with gold-tone end caps – Embroidered tile pouch

9 reviews for Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Edition with Rotating Game Board

  1. Teri R.

    If you are a lover of Scrabble then this is the board for you. I have had this particular version for over 20 years. I have gifted it for those I know that love Scrabble. The board is clearly durable as I have had mine for over 20 years. Beautiful wood. It is a joy to play on this board as the tiles do not move around and you can ‘spin’ the board to your hearts content. Highly recommend for Scrabble lovers. Also a wonderful board to take to visit friends and family who are in hospital. I write this because my father and I spent hours while he was in hospital playing on this board. It was easy as the tiles do not fall off when you turn the board.

  2. Debbie

    I was super hesitant to order this because it had pretty mixed reviews but I’m glad I decided to chance it because it arrived today and the entire set is gorgeous. It’s a gift for my Dad and I decided to open it up to make sure everything was good with it and it’s truly great! Could not be happier with this, highly recommend!

  3. Alexander

    Just want to jump right in, not worth the money if you are only a casual scrabble player. We play scrabble 3 or 4 times a months so we love it. the board turns really smooth and the tiles are well machined. the bag does not fit with the letters in it but that is okay just adds some time to set up. Also not sure why there are spots for 6 racks when only 4 come with the game. over all I am glad we but it and really happy we did not get the lux one as this one is just as nice.

  4. MRC_Amazon

    Impressive looking and well built. This scrabble board stays on the table because it looks so good! All the tiles and pieces fit inside the case. The game comes with tiles in a bag, 4 tile racks, a sand timer, and a hardcover scorepad. The whole board rotates so that each player can view the game rightside up.

  5. Hotspur

    We were very impressed with this item. It is beautiful to look at, and nicely finished. The features such as lazy susan and tiles aligning surface are great. Everything stores inside the board. Our only disappointment was the quality of the tiles themselves. They are stained to match the set, but letters are either painted or transfers on the surface of the tiles. Some chipping and damage to letters has already occurred after half a dozen uses by adults. I would have expected letters embossed into the wood then lacquered for durability, as is seen even with cheaper sets.Overall though, still a beautiful set.

  6. Anne Connelly

    I was extremely disappointed in this product. I was expecting a solid wood unit and it feels like it was made by IKEA. Like pressed cardboard with a laminate finish. The tile bag is junky feeling and the whole kit weighs next to nothing. I would have returned it if I wasn\’t strapped to give it as a gift on a particular day. Do not waste your money on this – it is not what you expect.

  7. Robert Jordan

    We bought this for our family to enjoy for a long time and this is designed and built for that purpose. I love the swivel base that allows each player to see the board in the right direction. The raised game piece edges are a nice touch to eliminate the chance of pieces moving. A nice cloth bag comes with it to hold the real wood letter tiles and convenient storage inside the game board. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves Scrabble.

  8. Claire Gooderham

    The board is sturdy and stable, with smooth-turning action when rotating for the next player. Tiles nestle into place securely – no alphabet soup if someone spins it a bit too enthusiastically.The wooden finish is smooth, rich, and luxurious on both the board and the tiles. Lovely velvet inside adds class. Tile racks are well-made and sized.This is the set you can’t wait to break out if you’re ever allowed to have guests over again. In the meantime, even a solitary game is a delight.The next generation might not have much to look forward to inheriting, but you can bet this board will make it to the finish line for ya.

  9. Ontario

    Got this as a Christmas gift for my partner who 1) loves scrabble beyond words, and 2) literally saw a similar version in a store once and said “this is all I’ve ever wanted in my life”. I was a little hesitant at first just based on some of the comments but honestly, apart from the box being a little banged up from the delivery I guess, the board itself is stunning. Nice finish on the wood, gold painted ridges, silk pouch for the tiles, and the rotating board all make the board a scrabble lover’s dream. I see the tiles have taken a bit of criticism, but honestly, we hardly notice! Needless to say, the amount of scrabble we play on a weekly basis is ridiculous now! Love this!

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